Mimicking LilyPond and other such queries

• Sep 11, 2012 - 07:18

Anybody care to comment on a couple of objects:

1) The slurs/ties are tapered to a thin line. Anybody know how to make this more like lilypond, in that it is not tapered, but comes to a soft round?

2) The thickness of the slurs/ties are thin, much thinner than lilypond. Anybody know how to address this issue?

3) the style of stems and even bar lines are not as thick, and I would like to make these things thicker... thoughts?

4) anybody know how to export selections to .png? Thanks!


If you like Lilypond engraving you can just save as Lilypond or MusicXML and use Lilypond to engrave your score.

1/ 2/ Slur drawing will be improved in 2.0. One will be able to change the thickness of the slur in the middle and at both end in the score style. The end of the slurs will be rounded.

3/ For all things related to thickness, be sure you are talking about a PDF export, or a MuseScore file zoomed. There is no way to change stem and barline thickness in MuseScore 1.2. For the next version, barline thickness is customizable in Style and 0.16sp by default. Stem thickness is also a style parameter but there is no way to customize it from the interface currently. There is an open feature request for it #17941: Setting the width of a stem from the user interface

4/ Next version has a foto mode. http://musescore.org/en/foto-mode and still need a better name...

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Unfortunaly, the foto mode doesn't always do a screen capture. It can do a screenshot, with the background color, the invisible elements in gray etc... or it can do a "Print" of the current selected area, removing the background, the breaks, frames etc...

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