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• Sep 15, 2012 - 18:32

I'm fairly new to music (piano) and searching for some sight reading software.
In the programs I've seen, notes come scrolling on the screen and they disappear when played. But that is not as in the real world:)
I"d rather had a "sight-reading mode" button in the musescore GUI which gives the following result:
-A small delay after Play to get my fingers in position.
-After the first measure a black pane is catcing up the blue played notes and so making what is played invisible. the black pane even getting ahead, forcing you to look ahead. The black pane is not getting longer and longer but 1 sec after the "invisible" blue notes were played, they are revealed again.
-A window with some parameters to adjust startdely time, panesize: ahead and trail time, panecolour.....?

together with the other features of Musescore this would be a great learning tool, I guess

As me being inexperienced, forgive me asking silly things


Not a silly request since it is based on what you consider would help you My only comment is that this seems to be pushing the intent of MuseScore which is primarily notation.

I don't think MuseScore has a count-in (?)but I can perhaps help you with one of your problems without any modification to the program. To give you time to get ready to play after you press the "Start" button you can add a few measures in front of your piece to give you time. In a 4/4 piece for example, you could but in say, 3 bars of half-notes (semi-breves) and 1 bar of quarter notes (crotchets). This would like counting 1-2,1-2,1-2, 1-2-3-4. This will also provide you with the tempo the piece is going to played at.

This is just my opiniion:
I use MuseScore and have used other programs for practicing my woodwinds usually to get the rhythms correct or at least better. However I am not as concerned with enhancing the visual indicators as you are - I am playing in bands or a group and it is critical that I hear what is being played by everyone rather than just seeing what is happening with my part, I am more interested in playing along and keeping in sync with the generated sound rather looking indicators on the score. When I play from paper there are no indicatiors to help.

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There are a number of outstanding requests for improvements in this area - count-in, looped repeats, etc. 2.0 will add a few things that can help a bit (there will be a metronome; not sure about a count-in). But overall, adding a "practice mode" is definitely a bit beyond the scope of MuseScore at the moment; it's focus is still the notation itself. But obviously, this seems the sort of thing MuseScore could eventually be extended to handle better.

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