missing sometimes the notes for the Drummset:-(

• Jun 1, 2009 - 10:44

I´m using MuseScore for drumnotes, but, from time to time I have no "drummnotes-legende" in the palett where it´s normaly situated.

And somtimes, from one moment to the other suddenly an Error is apparing and automaticliy the MusicScore shuts down and all ist gone :-(

Anny help!!!!?????

THX from an verry beginner stefan


In order to help we need the version number of MuseScore. Take a look to the about box if you have no idea. And it's better if you manage to write down clear steps which lead to the crash.

Read drum notation in the handbook. It describes how to load the drum palette.

There are several known crashes in 0.9.4 relating to drum notation. You may find the prereleases more stable if you are writing a lot for drums. As Lasconic says above, if you want a bug to be fixed the first thing you need to do is find steps that causes the crash every time, then report those steps to the forum (along with information about the version of MuseScore you are using, plus the operating system you are using it on).

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