How to edit title frame

• Sep 17, 2012 - 00:29

Reading in the manual I was able to find out that the box at the top of my composition is a title frame. To edit it, it says to double-click on it. But the only i can manage to do is delete text out of it. How do you add a new title to the title frame?


Hi projecttoday -

Are you double-clicking on the letters of the title itself (rather than the box (frame) itself)? If so, you should get a blue rectangular line around the text, with a cursor on the text. You can then add or delete characters to the title.

If you've managed to completely delete the title text, try Create > Text > Title. Then type in the text you want for the title of your piece.


Having a similar problem. Trying to insert a subtitle, but the text size is hard to edit, I can change it at the bottom, but as soon as I click in the box, it reverts to the existing font size.
Lots of clicking just to edit a title, should flow a little easier.
It would be easier to start over and use the initial dialog box to enter all the information in.

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