Rhythm Entry: AutoHotkey Script

• Mar 18, 2017 - 20:23

I recently posted some messages in the Feature Request Forum, advocating an 'on the fly' approach to entering rhythm. I have, accordingly, written a basic AutoHotkey script for the task.

The script is designed to enhance the Rhythm Entry method available in MuseScore 2.1. It allows the left-hand to select Note/Rest/Dot/Tuplet modes with the Control keys, while the right-hand simultaneously enters a duration using the Number Pad. It is less sophisticated than the Denemo system.

The attached *.zip file contains the *.ahk script and a fully-commented *.pdf listing which should make the script and its operation self-explanatory. Bitdefender declares it to be virus free.

You are welcome to use, modify, or otherwise adapt the script as you see fit. However, this is entirely at your own risk. Please try the script and report any bugs using the Forum. Helpful comments, and any suggestions for improving the script, will be most welcome.

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I'm interested in using AutoHotKey to automate some transposition tasks. MuseScore has an internal function for changing instruments that seems to do a very good job of transposing, but this isn't exposed through the plugin API. As has been mentioned elsewhere (and I've posted some plugin scripts myself), it's possible to do single-step transpositions in a plugin, but the result is basically unusable as it doesn't get any of the accidentals right. For example, you wind up in the key of A but an F natural is shown as an E#, or an A# is shown as a Bb. The internal "Select Instrument" dialog seems to handle this much better. So I've been trying to use AutoHotKey to automate the Change Instrument process, but the WinMenuSelectItem doesn't seem to see the MuseScore menu, and I can't find an id for the Select Instrument dialog, etc.

I looked at the AHK script you wrote and it is informative, but I still can't figure out how to get AHY to bring up the Select Instrument dialog and go through the Change Instrument process. If you have any clues on this please fill me in. As far as I can see a lot of the controls in MuseScore aren't visible to AutoHotKey.

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