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• Sep 24, 2012 - 20:37

Can it be possible to multi-select elements in the list? This would be immensely useful in combination with the object inspector.


Are you refering to the object debugger? In MuseScore 1.2, the debugger was hidden for normal use. It's for development only. I think it will be the same in 2.0. Why would it be easier to select something in the object debugger list instead of the score?

Btw, 2.0 is not beta yet. You are using a nightly.

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Sometimes the page can be littered with hidden pedal marks, stacattos and things that are very hard to click on its own if overlapped with other symbols. The debug view I find incredibly helpful to narrow down in exactness the category of what I want to find, and overall just set the properties easily. Reduces the amount of clicking and zooming I have to do on a page to find a small symbol or to multiple select over a span of 8 pages.
Is the object inspector going to be included?

Nightly build is looking really good and has 300 dpi png export which is vital for print. Is that dark skin going to be included in final release? Please say yes.

I have a topic here about multiselect line marks which doesn't work in nightly build.

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Note 1.2 has 300dpi PNG export too. The resolution is set by a command line option (see Handbook) when using the "save as", or by a function parameter when using the plugin interface (eg, Snippet acreator). And unless you have new information, multiselect and hide *does* work in the nightly - just not in 1.2. See my response in your pther thread.

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I am not going to get into a big discrepancy match here so here's a file made with nightly.
Works for some, doesn't work for some, ok, but to fix the word *does* doesn't make it factually correct.
May work for you, but doesn't work for some and vice versa.

I have tried this EXACT same procedure on more than 3 different machines all running windows and what I am saying is
that the feature for right click to set line properties / set invisible upon selecting more than one with CTRL key *doesn't*
work on machines. Now, you can't tell me that more than 3 of those machines have some local problem because they don't.

And in telling me to practically RTFM is to say read it over and over again into total madness and not really find any solution to this issue.

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It's not a dead horse, and there is no need to get upset. It just isn't clear yet what is going on. I tried in your example and had no trouble making both pedal markings invisible. So i just can't tell if your nightly is too old or if you are doing something incorrectly or if there really is some sort of bug that apparently only affects you, and we still need your help to figure that out.

Here is what I did:

1) click first pedal mark
2) ctrl-click second pedal mark
3) press V

Result: both markings are invisible, as can be verified by clicking an empty spot in the score to clear the selection and seeing they are now greyed out

Or, if you prefer using the inspector, replace step 3) above with

3) open inspector if not already open
4) click "set invisible"

Same result - both markings are now invisible, as can be verified by clearing the selection and seeing they are now greyed out

So again, it just isn't yet clear if you are doing something wrong or if it really is behaving differently on your system. If you can verify you have a recent build and are following steps above exactly but getting different results, then indeed, there would seem to be some sort of system-specific bug that needs to be sorted out. But since it only affects your system, I think the developers would probably need your help in figuring out what is triggering it. For Windows, it could be a matter of your not having cleared your AppData folder recently enough, as described in the installation instructions.

So, if it really is not working for you, could you explain in step by step where it is going wrong? Are you saying that after clicking Set Invisible in the inspector and then clearing the selection, you are seeing something other than both markings being greyed out?

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Actually, on further examination, I think I see what is happening. As far as I know, there is not supposed to be a "set invisible" in the right click menu any more. It is a holdover from 1.2 and has been removed from the right click menus of most other element types. But apparently it is still present for pedal markings (perhaos other markings too). And indeed, if you try using the right click menu version of "set invisible" - which I believe should not be available at all any more - the old 1.2 bug where only the clicked item is affected is indeed still present.

My impression is that the only bug here is that Set Invisible is still present on the right click menu at all. It's not goong to be the suppored way of setting things invisible, and it is no longer present in other right click menus. But it seems pedal markings got left behind.

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Windows 7 - Ultimate 64-Bit
Musescore nightly Sept 23, 2012

- Create a new score from scratch
- Skip the title and everything just go next
- Add Keyboards->Piano
- Set time sig to anything doesn't matter.
- Add some notes 16ths
- Go to the Lines palette and find the Ped without the angle
- Drag 2 of them on individual notes
- Hold CTRL and click both with the mouse
or Right click for context menu and Select similar elements (ideal for 100+ pedal lines as example)
- Right click again for context menu and set line properties change to dash
- You will see only one line has changed
- Repeat the selection procedure and right click for context menu and choose set Invisible
only one has become invisible

V does work
Inspector does work
My ugly hack does work (see other post)


I just got your previous post and I'm not entirely sure why you'd remove such a feature especially not only about visibility
but what about dashing 8va lines? If this can totally be done in the inspector there would be no need for clicking and THAT would be a godsend.

I'm gonna play with the nightly build some more and really push it to its limit.

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I assume the intent is to eventually be able to do everything that can currently (1.2) be done via the right-click properties menu with something that be done via the inspector. Right now, this seems to be "mostly" true, except with regard to operations on multiple selections. In 1.2, the properties dialog is active for multple selections, but the inspector in 2.0 is definitely a lot less useful once more than one item is selected.

The customizable palettes will help, though. If you liked dashed 8va lones, then assuming you can create one, you could presumably add it to a custom palette and then place it directly, rather than having to manually convert each 8va line, or trying to convert the, all at pnce (not that this was ever possible as far as i know).

Overall, though, the limitations of the inspector with respect to multiple selections appear to me the biggest step backwards in 2.0, so I'm hoping that is just a temporary condition.

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"I'm gonna play with the nightly build some more and really push it to its limit."

You'll find that it is not that hard to break it.

There has been a lot of work going on with core code over the last few months, often with strange effects on the UI etc.

Bear in mind that the nightlies are still experimental - they're not even at alpha yet.

The addition of the V keyboard shortcut was added largely as a result of the complaints we all made about the removal of Set Invisible/Visible from the context menu.

The fact that this remains in the context menu for Lines is presumably an oversight on behalf of the core programmers.

IMO it's removal was a backward step as regards useablilty, but apparently there is an issue with some Mac users and Context menus.

Looking forward to your conclusions on dashed 8va lines :)

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Yes..trying nightly build at night I understand the corniness of this.
The context menu can be obsoleted when the inspector (which is an absolutely awesome idea) can manage on
a simple and easily accessible side view all the properties of each element. Less clicking.

Attached are some things I found as if I was to lay out a score for print purposes.
You may find it interesting and might know of some new issues to debug.

- Clicking accidentals during note entry and then a note after will crash the proggy
- Slurs do continue to wrap around the next measure and continue for extra long slurs
- Tempo when set initially is ok, but when set again to different tempo, the start ticks in the Play Panel are a really odd value
- Shift+left/right no longer moves a pedal's end hook on instant insertion due to extra control point in the middle
- Moving the Edit Style window around resizes it off the screen and really large
- Palettes can overlap the bottom bar if text properties/edit properties are there

Feature that would be nice: To copy lines like 8va/pedal to another measure. Copying the whole measure
copies the lines and the notes, but need only just the one line.

- Forgetting to add "To Coda" crashes playback
- Copyright (C) does not set to ©, but it does in normal text mode not :$copyright:
- If the end beat note is shift selected with the bass clef & treble clef, the barline will be articulated by
- Setting noteheads is now a one by one task. Multiselecting noteheads will limit the Inspector property

- What is Wave View in Piano roll editor? Is this going to be like audacity-like stuff? That would be incredible for
direct edit sound effects
- The additional button for change pitch without rhythm. Does this work?

Now I'll test some stuff in Linux. I'm not sure if crash dumps are a heap of help to you.

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Good comment, and you hit on a bunch lot of things I had noticed as well but may not have ever articulated, so thanks.

Regarding noteheads in inspector - do note there is a palette for that, so you can actually set noteheads en masse. But not other note properties (eg, stemless, velocity). I suppose a plugin could be created for that sort of thing, but I'm still hoping to see the Inspector extended to work with multiple selections (beyond the small handful of generic properties currently displayed).

BTW, for pedla lines, you can move the selected control point via ctrl-tab / shift-ctrl tab, as I discovered via trial and error. So shift-ctrl tab immediately after entering edit mode then allows you to extend. Not ideal, IMHO, as I'm much more likely to want to extend than to nudge.

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These appear to be just styles but not the actual half notehead. The drum X style and all the rest definitely fill properly,
but the s1 half and s1.sol half is not really a half notehead. Its a note style.

Thanks for the CTRL+TAB shortcut hint. I can just keep CTRL held and TAB once then arrow for the pedal lines.

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I'm not understanding the distinction you are making between a note head and a notehead style. I tried each notehead in the palette one by one (select a note or group of notes in score, double click notehead in palette) , and they each do what they are supposed to do. What am I missing?

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In the file I uploaded, there is basically a set of 16ths near the end of the final chord.
Each end of the 16th note has to have a half note instead of a quarter while still retaining 16th time to indicate on the music
that the passage will interchange between those two notes back and forth like tremolo.
Additionally the two middle notes of the 16th group have to be hidden as this will look rather silly on print so they are set invisible. When I CTRL click those notes and go to the notehead palette to set them to half instead of quarter, the note is still filled in with black. If I however go to the inspector on that note and choose notehead type and set to half in the drop down, it works but for one only.

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Oh, I get it - you don't want to change from a "normal" notehead to a "shaped" notehead, but you want to use a half note head on a quarter note, or vice versa.

Yes, indeed, that's one of the several reasons why the INspector really needs to eventually support multiple selections.

Nice piece, BTW!

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I have found a couple more things but I would say the really noticable and rather funny looking bug is moving an eighth beam up/down. It seems to happen if you put a clef in between the beam or a combination of 16ths and 8ths.
Attached is a rudimentary song with some findings.

The time sig disappearing may be because of no fallback anymore when you delete the first measure which contains the TimeSig and the KeySig. Sometimes the key signature can disappear as well.

Not sure if I am using up spacer correctly in between measures and probably don't need to because of the new resizing measures feature.

I'll be trying out build 96d2cb0 and report any findings.

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