8va without line

• Sep 25, 2012 - 18:23


Is there a way to place 8va sign without line?
I can place 8va line simbol and extend. But line extending near all part is anyoning. Is there a way to just mark 8va to start?
or at least to place simbol like 8va ---- and not like 8va ---| ?



By the last sentence, if you mean suppress the hook, yes, you can do that in the line properties ()right click menu). You can also set the line thickness to 0, or the color to white, which should give you 8va with no line at all, except I still a small dot.

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I discovered removing the hook, but not hiding the line. I chose the symbol with the 4 places to alter the symbol and moved the 4th part back to the first part until they were almost in the same spot. There is an artifact, but it was the best I could find. Thanks Marc.

It's all a lot of work if you have more than 1 or 2 octave signs, as the window always reverts to the default positions.

This is especially a problem with Pedal marks, as some of my pieces use long, vague pedals and I use the "Star" to show the end of pedal markings. Each mark needs quite a bit of massage. It would be very useful if the "default" could be over written and saved as needed.

You can also just use staff text to accomplish it. It will not be binding during playback, obviously, but will work just fine when printing it off.

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