Putting lyrics between clefs

• Mar 23, 2017 - 23:49

I have several measures of lyrics where there are notes in the treble and bass clefs. But I've come to a section where there are notes in the bass clef only, and MuseScore insists on putting the lyrics BELOW the bass clef. How do I get them back between clefs?


Three common ways to do this:

1] Place the lyrics (below the notes) then select them and move with Inspector.

2] Applicable if you only have one line of lyrics - change the settings for Style ->Text ->Lyrics Even Lines so that the vertical offset of even lines is set to place them above the stave (try a setting of -9 or -11 or thereabouts). Then for "normal" lyrics you type as usual for for lyrics above the stave you first enter a blank and then go down one line to enter the lyrics.

3] Copy the bass clef notes to the treble clef but make them invisible

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MuseScore lets you set the style for Lyrics Odd Lines (that's the first line of lyrics, 3rd line, 5th line etc.) to have certain properties such as font, italic, vertical offset. You can set a different style for Even lines (2, 4, 6...). So, if you only have one line of lyrics throughout your piece, you can leave the Odd lines alone and change the Even lines to have a different vertical offset (a negative value will raise the line of lyrics up relative to the stave). When you wish a line of lyrics to appear above the stave, you start to enter lyrics but just press [Enter] which moves you down from line 1 (Odd) to line 2 (Even) and then the lyrics you enter here exhibit the properties that are set in Style ->Text ->Lyrics Even Lines. If you hace set the vertical offset property to a suitable negative value then those lyrics will appear above the stave. You might still have to make adjustments to make ll the lyrics appear on the same level but you should only have to make this adjustment once unless your score is particularly complicated (which vocal scores are usually not).

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