New Soundfont overwrites all existing instruments

• Mar 28, 2017 - 11:42


I have an issue, which occured after I implemented a (really really nice) teremin soundfont.

I normally have two different fonts in a sheet. "FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3" and "HQ Orchestral Soundfont Collection v3.0.sf2" ... by adding "Theremin.sf2" every instrument in each score is set to an teremin.

Maybe I doing something wrong, but I fear a bit chaning each voice in its original instrument back again manually.

By deleting the teremin font, everything is fine again.

What I don´t understand. I did not save all three fonts as the default setting for all my scores. But in the particular piece I "saved it to THIS? (and only this) score, by clicking "save in score".

But then everything is mixed up again.

Maybe in addition: I only unzipped the font to the Musescore folder. I did not run an installation routine or something like that. ( But it worked with the other fonts aswell)

Maybe someone knows this issue and may help.



If a Soundfont is listed at the top, it takes high priority.
If it contains a single sound, all the sounds are turned that sound. (Fallback method)

If you want to use it (theremin sf) continuously, just after adding it to the Synthesizer, select it and put it in the bottom row (with down arrow). //How many SoundFonts on the list, so (minus one) clicks may be needed.
Then click the "set as default" button.

So theremine will be at the end of the the instrument list (on the mixer).
And it can no longer take high priority.

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