Printing music in flip folder size

• Mar 30, 2017 - 14:55

I'm trying to print parts for marching band. I've used this previous thread sizing suggestions to get started:

However, my score does not print out completely. The sides get cut off--several measures, in fact.
I use MuseScore 2 and Microsoft Windows.

I've attached the file and would appreciate any help getting the whole thing to print!

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Do you export your work in PDF (File Menu) and after Print it. You can't print the patrs of your work because there is only one part. If you do a "score" with severals parts (guitar, drums, piano, bass.....) you create the differents parts, and after you export the severals parts and the score in PDF and after you print the PDF documents without MuseScore. I join the PDF, try to print it The Star Spangled BannerGuitar-1.pdf

I see that you came from the old thread, and I'm the one that put the instructions on there. I no longer do it that way, because I've changed printers, and my new printer kicks it out as an error when I try to do it the old way. If the paper size is set to something other than standard letter sized in MuseScore (like it is in the old thread), and the printer is loaded with letter sized paper, then it won't print, so I had to change my tactics.

Here's what I do now:
1.) I make the score on standard letter sized paper (because I don't want the score to be flip folder sized), then create the individual parts under File -> Parts.
2.) I go to the first part's tab, select Layout -> Page Settings...
3.) I change the Page Margins to - Top: 5.00mm, Left: 5.00mm, Right: 55.00mm, and Bottom: 150.00mm. That should put the music in the upper left-hand corner of the page in a size that can be cut to fit in a flip folder. If you get anything cut off on the top or left when you actually print, change those margins to 10.00mm - every printer is different, and you may have to experiment.
4.) If I want all the music on one page and it's not, I then start bumping down & tweaking the Scaling number in that same Page Settings window until I see that it fits.
5.) I click "Apply to all Parts" at the bottom of that window to make these settings be applied to all the parts at one time.
6.) I go to each part and tweak the formatting to make sure it looks exactly like I want.

All that said, I don't actually do steps 2-5 every time, since I have a blank marching band template that has all the parts already created and formatted. When I write a new piece, I start by doing "Save As" with the name of the new piece (to preserve my blank template), put the music into the score and then tweak the already-created parts to my liking.

I've attached a copy of your guitar part for the Star Spangled Banner that is formatted in the way that I discussed above so you can see if it prints properly. If you'd like for me to attach my marching band template too, I will. I created it for my personal use, but you might can tweak it for your needs.

I hope this helps!

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