Printing to pep band size? flip folders?

Hey, I've written a really cool song for a pep band, and i need to print each part to the size of a flip folder sheet... how would i do that? I believe the piece is attached...

chicken scratch.mscz11.08 KB


I guess you mean in landscape mode. Go to Layout -> Page settings and choose Landscape. If you are in the US, you might want to change the page format to Letter instead of A4 as well.
You can use page break to layout the music better, especially the coda.

I write lots of charts for my marching band, and they have to be in flip folder size. Here's how I do it....

* Finish the score, then create each one of the parts.
* Go to the first part - in this example the flute part - and go to Style -> Edit General Style -> check the box for Create Multimeasure rests. This takes out the unnecessary rests.
* Go to Layout -> Page Settings to format the page. Set the width in the upper left corner to 7 inches, and the height to 5.50 inches. This sets the page size to roughly the size of a page that will fit in a flip folder. In mm, thats 177.80 for the width and 139.70 for the height (I have that memorized and can type it quickly). I use the mm, because it makes the next step easier.
* In the Scaling in the middle of the left side of the box, I start bumping it down until the preview shows all the music on one page. (This only works well if the units are set to mm instead of inch.) Sometimes I get it close, close that box, do "Select all," then add less stretch under the Layout menu.

It seems complicated, but after a few arrangements, I've gotten to where I can format parts really quickly - I'm like a formatting machine! I've attached the Flute part that I pulled out of your piece and formatted to fit into a flip folder to give you an idea of how I do it.

Fingers Will Bleed - Flute.mscz 3.54 KB

Thank you so much dude! this really helps. how does the piece sound btw?

The sizing that you suggested works really well for the flip folder. However, I'm encountering a problem when I print. No matter the setting (I've tried landscape, portrait, A4, letter size) the music still gets cut off on the sides. During the preview, I can see all of the music, but not when it prints. How do you get yours to not cut off the sides?

Better to start a new thread than to resurrect one that is 6 years old. Also share the score and mention which version of MuseScore and what OS

Edit, you just did, in

It might be better to start a new thread, but I'm not a regular on the forums anymore, and I would have never seen this if I hadn't gotten an e-mail notification of a posting on the old thread from six years ago!

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