Find measures not matching time signature

• Apr 5, 2017 - 16:20

I've been using the Music-to-XML program from Musitek, and when imported I get a few (very few, but a few) measures which are incorrect.

Musescore (2.1 branch) imports these and just makes an exception time for that one measure. They are transcription errors (from Music-to-XML, not Musescore of course) that I want to fix.

Is there any easy way to "find all measures not matching the time signature"?

Some postings I found indicate there is a dialog that pops up but that must be in other circumstances; these are silent and the only way I find them is to notice, e.g. in playback. I can see them then by looking at measure properties (or just adding up the notes).

What I'd like to do is just flag them all up front. Some may be appropriate - a pickup measure, etc., but I want to find the rest as part of cleaning up.

Some kind of search/select? I didn't see any existing plugins that might work in a brief look.



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Almost perfect, thank you. I can search there, and edit in 2.1.

The "Almost" is that it is a really subtle indication. Is there any kind of search?

It's very helpful as-is, but I stared at one score where I know I had fixed two measures, and it took maybe 10 minutes of hunting to see the 2nd.

I grabbed a new nightly, and was pleasantly surprised to see over the last month (vs the 3.0 I had) improved quite a bit on placements after import. Looks like progress is!

Thanks again.

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