Hammer On

• Apr 5, 2017 - 16:46

I have looked for how to make a hammer on and found a thread in Issues that says you make a hammer on by adding a slur. Where is slur on the palette? And does it work in playback? Or is this just for notation? Also, in looking this up, I found someone talking about notation for mandolin. I have not found Mandolin featured in Instruments. I think I am using 2.0. and I'm on Windows XP at the moment.


Slurs in general are in the "Lines" palette. Not sure exactly how you intend to use these to indicate hammer-ons, but presumably the thread you saw gave advice on this. There will be no playback effect, however.

Mandolin is in the current release 2.0.3, although not int he "Common instruments" list. So either switch to "All instruments" at the top of the dialog, or just type the first few letter of "Mandolin" into the search box at the bottom.

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