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Not entirely sure how difficult this would be but I could imagine how much spacing and scaling is required to not break the rest of the measures.


Ossia is something that has been asked for several times.

I believe the dev team is working on it, but I'm not sure of the current state of play.

All I can say is: "Watch this space!"

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Added a third instrument at the top of the staff, set to small and make everything else invisible. The main problem with this
is the very first barline near the brace is jutting out like a sore thumb! Also, the first barline in the ossia is missng, but that's kind of an easy fix to just add a line.
In my attempt to remove that ugly barline, I decided to hide the first line not realizing this removes EVERY measure line
including repeats when you hide the measure.
My next solution seems kind of lame, but it's just an idea. Could I just screenshot/save as svg a new score the ossia part, crop the png and then place it above the measure? I'll post a file if it works and looks good.

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This much you can already do. Just create the second staff normally, enter the notes, then turn on style / edit general style / hide empty staves, which will make the xtra staff go away everywhere but the system(s) where it is used.

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Yes, I just did that with my first project using MuseScore. It seems to create a problem later entering text after the empty staves are hidden. It would be useful to be able to only add a second staff locally, not for the entire work. In any case, it's my first use of the software so I haven't discovered all the features yet.

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Not sure what problem you encountered adding text, but used correctly, this features *does* work. You do want to avoid having the sometimes-hidden staff as the top staff - things like voltas and other things that normally appear on the top staff only mess up. If you have specific problems, you might start a new thread and provide examples and steps to reproduce.

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Yes, that's the problem. I have the top staff as the hidden staff and when I need to add text I need to highlight part of the non-hidden (ossia) part and drag the text to where it's needed. Otherwise I would need to show the hidden staff at all times, add all the text at once and then hide the staff. I hope that makes sense.

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