Tabulatur that goes above 12th fret.

• Oct 27, 2012 - 11:28

This is my second request in a few minutes. This one is that I wish to be able to write out tabulatur that goes higher than the 12th fret. Regards.


The max usable fret is defined in the instrument, not in the TAB code part. With a guitar, as it is currently defined, you should be able to reach the 19th fret.

Are you referring to a specific instrument?


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I see: only some of the guitars in the instrument list are fully configured for tablatures and "Electric guitar" is not (yet).

In the meantime, this is a workaround:

Once you have added the instrument to the score:

1) Right-click on an empty spot of its staff in the score ("empty spot" means a spot on the staff not occupied by any note, rest, bar, ...)
2) In the drop-down menu, choose "Staff Properties"
3) In the "Edit Staff/Part Properties" dlg box, press the "Edit string data" button.
4) In the "String Data" dlg box, change the number of frets (and, if you need, the string themselves)
5) Press "OK" - "OK"

You might be interested in this, provisional, handbook page describing the tablature machinery: // . It is a bit outdated, as the matter is still under development: please see this topic and this topic for features added and not included in the handbook page yet.

You may also be interested in following the Technology Preview forum in general to follow the development of the next version (to which the TAB stuff belongs)



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