How put in bank and preset in instruments.xml

• Oct 29, 2012 - 00:27

I found a really great sound for the bass guitar. i added it to bank number 127 and preset 1. how would i put that in the instruments.xml? i dont understand the code very well.


The best plan is to assign it from the Mixer Window,

It is possible to define it in instruments.xml, but is far more complicated, and not worth the effort IMO

The mixer window will display all banks of instruments for a particular program change - you just select the one you want from the dropdown menu.


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Edit: I figured it out! I wanted the "Synth Brass 3" used as an instrument default, and this channel information worked perfectly:

Channel name="Brass">    
    controller ctrl="0" value="0"/>
    controller ctrl="32" value="8"/>
    controller ctrl="10" value="63"/>
    program value="62"/>

It's so nice when things work out. Thanks for mentioning that it's "possible" 7 years ago. That gave me the fuel I needed.

Hi Michael,

I've been trying to accomplish bank specifications via instruments.xml as well, and the best documentation I've found so far is a google doc (…) explaining the xml tags, but it's incomplete.

You said this possible? For me, it would be well-worth the effort, especially with all of the improved sounds in the Musescore's default soundfont. :)

Or if you could point me to more thorough documentation, that would be awesome! Next I'm going to search midi ctrl message in the midi spec, hoping one of these might do the trick...

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