Unable to change length of 8va line

• Jun 17, 2009 - 06:33

Using Rev 1869 on XP, I am unable to change the active length of an 8va line using Shft left or right. Also unable to select a group of notes and double-click the 8va line. Shouldn't it work this way also?


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yeah, it sounds like a similar problem, only when I use the arrow keys, it doesn't crash. It doesn't do anything. I can place the 8va anywhere, but then it has to take up the rest of the entire measure and cannot span a bar line. I know this worked for me before, so it must be something in the latest revision.
I only tried selecting a group of notes and double-clicking the 8va out of desperation after reading the handbook "pallets" section. It seems like it should work this way, though, and if not, consider it a feature request. It would seem to be much better to have a way to enter an 8va (or other line element) accurately the first time rather than entering one that may or may not be correct and tweaking it afterward.

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