"bc. the ttf/sfd can only be created on the linux platform" - really?

• Nov 9, 2012 - 03:16

I read at GitHub:

"Contains fontforge source + ttf or sfd version (bc. the ttf/sfd can only be created on the linux platform)"

Who wrote this stupidity? FontForge works on Windows from XP to 8. TTF fonts can only be created on Linux? Wow! If so... Linux is super system! What else can I do on Linux?


The wording is probably wrong. I guess there are two issues here.
First, finding a stable build of Font Forge for Windows, even if it exists was not that easy for a long time. This situation has changed recently since Font Forge is now available as a binary for Windows on their website so that's solved.
Second, my understanding is that some Linux distribution want to be able to compile any software "from scratch", including the fonts, and so they want the sdf file as a source. That could be what this sentence wants to explain...
Anyway, it's not a stupidity, but a mistake... I will fix it when I found the file when you read it.

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FWIW, I wouldn't call the native FontForge build for Windows "stable". It crashes so often it is completely unusable. I don't think I've been able to keep it up for more than a minute or two. So I end up needing to still use the Linux-emulated (mingw or whatever it is) version to get any work done.

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I created Gonville 2.0 font (196 glyphs) in FontForge on Windows XP and it never crashes. Lasconic - unofficial FontForge for Windows is available here (for a long time) - http://www.geocities.jp/meir000/fontforge/. Version from 06.06.2011 works good, without crashes and support anti-aliasing, so work is easy. Marc, I don't understand your problem - download, extract and work! Official, stable FontForge - http://sourceforge.net/projects/fontforge/files/fontforge-executables/.

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