Auto Harmonization - please helpt

• Nov 10, 2012 - 13:54

Good Day,
first time user to this forum
Am using Musescore 2.1 on windows 7.

What I need is "auto-harmonization" after writing a melody. I have nearly 24 years back done the music theory and am totally out with all the rules etc. I also need hours to figure out a accompanying melody for the left hand.
Is there anyone that can advise how to auto-harmonize to a 2 or 4 voice piece to be played on the piano?

Am very greatful for any advise.
Many thanks,
Sandy (Namibia)


That's kind of an interesting artificial intelligence application. I have seen research projects that attempt to do this, some of them have probably been productized. Definitely way, way beyond the scope of MuseScore, but a web search should probably turn up something.

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I have a program called Ludwig 3.0 which can auto-harmonize - but writing the piece (melody) is more complicated on this than on musescore. It auto-harmonizes for various bands and instrument accompanyments, but I have not yet been able to figure out about 4 voice piano (including the melody) on this yet. And yes, I have that on trial - not bought yet.

Could not yet find anything else.
Seems that Finale (the bought product) may also auto-harmonize, but to what extend I don't know (I there also only have the free version) - and still find Musescore better in many ways.

I bought Ludwig 3.0 few days ago.
It is realy amazing and not so expensive.
But as I am accustomed to use Sibelius, the writting is not so comfortable for me.
Lidwig can import midi file, but not xml.
So I can write melody in Musescore or Sibelius, export melody as midi file and import it to the Ludwig. Then I must add chord symbols because midi files does not contain them.
I sent a message to the Ludwig support.
I believe in next version of this program could be added function import xml.

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