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• Nov 15, 2012 - 06:46

I need a little help from someone please:
I need to place a ¼-quarter note (1st Voice) and a ⅛-eighth note (2nd Voice) in the same measure but in the “Note Properties”, under (Note Head Type) the drop down lists' minimal option is the quarter note. How am I going to achieve this goal if there are no smaller note options to select in the drop down list?
1st and 2nd Voices.mscz

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Try to read Voices again.

  1. Click on the first quarter note in the measure,
  2. press N,
  3. click on the green 2 in the voice selector
  4. press 6 for the duration of a half (or click on the half in the toolbar)
  5. press 0 to enter a half note rest and align with the last quarter
  6. press 4 for a 8th note
  7. press E if you want a E.

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What you did in measure 4 is plain wrong, this not voices, but a chord in voice 1 with one notehead being modified.
And indeed this doesn't seem possible with 1/8 notes as their note head isn't different from 1/4 notes.
This is not how voices work in MuseScore.

In the attachetment I've added your 1/8 note, flipped the stem of it and the 1/4 noted and deleted the extra voice 2 rests

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