How to get playback to include accents and dynamics

• Apr 18, 2017 - 19:13

First off, I'm not finding a search function for the forum so I don't know if this has been brought up elsewhere.

I just created a simple tom-tom rhythm that has some accents here and there. The playback is not playing those accents. Is it supposed to? Can MusicScore even do that? How do I make it do that?

I've been an avid user of MusicScore now for about a half-hour. Thanks for any help!

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Welcome to MuseScore! I hope you last at least another half hour or more.

The accent is not very noticeable due to the changing of the drums before and after each note. If you make a series of notes on the same drum you can tell the difference, but it is not a huge difference. If you select each of the accented notes (click the first, then ctrl-click more) you can increase the velocity (which is the same as the volume) in the inspector for the accented notes. If the inspector is not visible F8 will bring it up.

edit: the search function failed for some reason, so they took it off until they can get it fixed.

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I tried another way to hear the accent drum note during playback: I noted the accent note as forte or even mforte, and canceled it on the following note. IT WORKS.
If you don't want to see the "mf" notation, just make it invisible or paint it white.
I attached a file to explain, play it back to see how it works.

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