How to bend note like "Gangnam Style"???

• Nov 17, 2012 - 02:50

Please help me how to write bended note like the song Gangnam Style?
Thank you so much.


Could you be more specific? There are lots of different types of "bent" notes. But in general, they are notated with curved lines above the note that suggest the shape of the bend. In the current version of MuseScore, you can use a slur to give you the starting point, then bend it into whatever shape you like using the handles. In the next version, there will be specific new markings just for this purpose, but they will work pretty much the same way.

Thank Marc Sabatella. I want to ask how to bend up or down 1/2 or 1/4 tone, and it would be just 1 sound smoothly, not 2 notes played.

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The first thing you should be aware of is that MuseScore currently will not playback bends.

The usual way of indicating these is by a curved line indicating the direction of the bend with the amount expressed as a number at the beginning.

MuseScore currently doesn't support this, but you could use a combination of staff text and slurs manipulated into the desired position to fake this symbol.

When version 2.0 is released early next year, you will be able to add bend signs from the palette, but I'm not sure whether playback will be implemented.


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I'd guess that playback of bends in 2.0 would be highly doubtful - there is no standardized way to specify how much or how fast you want the pitch to bend. I'd suggest using MuseScore to notate thpiece, and then, if for so e reasn p,agback of the bends is important, export a MIDI file and add the neceesary pitch bend controller information in a MIDI sequencer, which is the type of tool that is designed for that sort of thing.

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