Creating Conductor's Score

• Nov 21, 2012 - 00:56

I realize that creating a new piece is best done by setting up the instruments and then filling in the notes in the various parts and then extracting the individual parts for the players.

However, If I have individual parts already in MuseScore and want to create a conductor's score, can I do that in the current or V2?



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Thanks, I'\ll give it a try. I didn't think of a simple solution since I had in my head a more exotic method provided by a different program I use that allows parts to be manipulated into conductor scores or other groupings.

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I think the main problem with creating a program to combine individual parts into a conductor score is that you'd have to ensure that each part was exactly the same when it came to measure number, tempo, repeats, voltas, etc. Such homogeneity of parts is only usually achieved by creating the full score first and then extracting the parts.

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