Program icon in OS X

• Nov 30, 2012 - 11:16

For a reason I don't get, the icon shown when switching programs via cmd-tab is badly pixelated (probably a 48x48 one), although I checked that the icon resource file contains resolutions up to 512x512 (mscore.icns).
I've a retina Macbook pro, and the dock icon is perfect (96x96?).
Just for the looks (and because I'd like to understand how OS X uses icons ;-)...


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I'm afraid there's more to it than just 1024x1024.
I run "old" programs like Journler that do not have upscaled icons, and nevertheless OS X does a correct job of interpolating the 512x512 version. In my case I really have a horrid icon when cmd-tabbing. Is it my machine, or can somebody reproduce this bug?

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