Possible alignment bug

• Dec 4, 2012 - 23:12

I'm having some trouble with voices overlapping. I'm writing out the descant verse for "Hark The Herald" for my handbell team and the layout has to be such that middle C and below is always on the bass stave, anything above middle C is on the treble stave. This is set in stone, non-negotiable.

I've attached my file containing the problem, shown in bars 3 and 17.

Using bar 3 as an example, you can see that the octave Ds of voice 2 are in line with the E in voice 1, with the result that you can't clearly read the E and upper D. If you delete the lower D from voice 2 then the upper D moves to the right so it does not sit on top of the E. Put the lower D back in and the chord moves back in line with the E. Unfortunately the laws of handbell notation won't allow me to have the lower D in the bass clef, so it must go up to the treble.

I've tried adding additional leading space on the Ds but that just makes the bar bigger rather than shifting the notes to the right.

Anyone got an idea how to correctly shift the Ds to the right slightly (like it does when the lower one is removed)?


(MuseScore 1.2 rev 5470, Windows 7 64-bit)

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Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.mscz 3.33 KB


To manually move note heads, double-click the notehead and use the arrows left/right to move large steps and control-arrows to move smaller steps and alt-arrows for the smallest steps. For bar 3 I would nudge the eighth note left and bar 17 I would nudge the bottom octave quarters right.

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