Define default distance for slurs

• Apr 23, 2017 - 16:03

I would like a setting that automatically adds a distance like in "vertical offset".
It should be positive, if the slur is set below and negative, if the slur is set over the notes...
I tried to set that distance by selecting "all similar elements" and setting "vertical offest", but that goes the wrong way, if the slur is on the "wrong side".


Can you show the user case for such a setting? Our defaults are consistent with established industry standards & published engraving guidelines. While there are certainly situations where you might need to override this on a case-by-case basis, I can't think of a reason to need the default changed. In general, we are more likely to add additional customizations (which means additional complexity in the UI) in cases where there is a well-established need, so that is what I am trying to understand.

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first of all thanks for your quick reply and even more: thanks to all of you developers and supporters for making such a wonderful software (and web site and documentation and and and...).

... and now down to business ;-)
I know, it's for one mostly a matter of taste. And (being a developer myself), I know that functions, that seem quite simple can be hard to implement.
I've attached a few measures from the sheet I've been working on. For demonstration I reset the distances, I had changed, to the default values.
... and yes it can be done afterwards, but I'm just lazy.
Maybe it has to do with my habit of typing scores: first I only write the notes - length and pitch - then I go over the score again, adding articulations and more.
Using this order of editing it might also be of great help, it newly entered slurs are selected when they are added. Pressing ESC jumps back to the first / last / whatever note, pressing up, down, left, right changes the horizontal/verical offset.
... maybe that would be easier to do???
For me it has a lot to do with my hate to switch from keyboard to mouse and back.

- switching back to praise mode:
That's one thing I love about MuseScore: you have shortcuts for (almost) everything. I can enter a complete score with barely touching the mouse!! Wonderful!!

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Thanks for posting the example. I agree these slurs don't look by default, but I'd suggest it's not because the default distance is wrong - it's because the actual *shape* of the slur is wrong. The slur should still start and end more or less right where it does, but it should be curving more to avoid the interior notes. That's a known limitation of our layout algorithms that will be improved in MuseScore 3. So without any change in any defaults, you'll get better layout.

Meanwhile, in MuseScore 2, instead of changing the default distance, really, the better thing to do is edit the shape manually (double click, drag handles) so the endpoint remain more or less where they are, but the slur curves more to avoid interior notes.

And yes, we think MuseScore and its community are pretty special!

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