Can't Transpose!

• Dec 6, 2012 - 23:30

I've written out a lengthy piece in concert key with multiple key changes, expecting I would just select the entire piece and transpose it up a step for Bb instruments. Thing is, it won't transpose correctly. Transposing up a Maj 2nd, including key signatures, results in errors like the key of G becoming key of B, key of C becomes Key of A or E, and numerous instances of notes being notated with double sharps or double flats in keys that where that should not be necessary .

I tried applying transpose to only segments of the piece at a time, still gives the wrong results.

I've tried transposing by key rather than interval and applying that to only sections, but while the notes are changed accurately, the key signature is not changed.

Help please . . . . Thanks


Hi. What you need to do is transpose it all, then select it all and move everything down a couple of steps and then back up. That will switch everything from flats to sharps.

Assuming your score was actually created for a Bb instrument, you don't need or want to use the transpose command at all. Simply turn off the Concert Pitch button at top right and everything is automatically transposed correctly. Or, if you neglected to specify a Bb instrument when crwating the score, change it to a Bb instrument now (via staff properties).

My guess is that this has something to do with why your attempts to transpose don't appear to be working - you probaly arent takong into account the automatica transposition MuseScore is trying to do for you. Tough to say without seeing the score, though. Posting a score always helps.

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