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• Apr 25, 2017 - 23:59

Concert Band arrangement with Strings- Singing version of Michael BUBLE


Beautiful... :)
Nice work!

I also listened to the Michael Bubble version from Youtube.
On your score, the flute / piccolo is a bit low. I guess the clarinets too.

The drums are monotonous in the original Bubble version (They got a little lazy about drums).
It would be even better if the drums in (Lyle Lowett Band.) were added to it. (Of course it's just my opinion.)

Congratulations again.

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Thanks for answer. Beautiful version for Lyle Lowett Band.
For the mix, like flute -Clarinets, it's very difficult with such numérous staves to get a good mix, and, change the mix. For exemple, I choose piano sound for the voice, and , in my arrangement at home, the stave of that piano is very clear, but , in my score to, I can hear it only a little.
But, it's not the most important, MS works very well for writing sheet music, and his "play-back" is already a beautiful present.

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