Adding Chord names

• Apr 27, 2017 - 18:49

There seems to be an issue when adding chord names with parenthesis. For example C (add D), G (add A) etc. When I add chord names via Crtl K when I press the space bar between [C and (add] and [add d] the chord name gets separated to the next note and add an extra space between [D )]? Is there a way to input a chord name IE C (add D) together within the actual chord?

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These are unusal chord names. A c chord with the not d I'm writing as Cadd9, the same for the G chord with the note A = Gadd9.
Else: leave out the space bar.

Leaving out the spaces is indeed the way to go in my opinion, and use numbers rather than letters. If you do need to use letters for whatever reason (not recommended) I could see why you'd want the space. You can get it by using Ctrl+space, although I seem to recall that might not work until 2.1.

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