MIDI File Import

Is there a way to input a midi file into MuseScore?

Can't find the answer anywhere else.



Hi -

You can import a Midi file by File -> Open, then use the pulldown on File of type: to select MIDI File (*.mid *.midi *.kar) and type in the name of the file.

But see also the discussion in this thread.


You can also drag the file, for example, from the desktop to the home screen of MuseScore, Franz.

A missing feature, one of the very few things that I miss in Musescore, would be the possibility to adjust how the midifile rhythms are to be imported. I had to ask a windows friend to use his Finale to do this:

There is a slightly more elaborate panel than Musescore's quantization setting ("choose the smallest value") which allows for example, to import music played ternary / with a jazz feel, and display it binary. (selecting "swing" in the Player window will play it correctly then). There are three different options that I don't remember, to adapt to different needs.

If not too difficult to implement, this would be a very very welcome addition to Musescore (2.0?), as importing Midifiles is sometimes not realistic at all because of the "too accurate" but unlegible display.

Developpers, should I suggest this feature elsewhere?

I believe the barrier to this feature being implemented is someone with enough MIDI experience to write the C++ code.

If you know anyone...... :)

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