MIDI File Import

• 5 years ago

Is there a way to input a midi file into MuseScore?

Can't find the answer anywhere else.



Hi -

You can import a Midi file by File -> Open, then use the pulldown on File of type: to select MIDI File (*.mid *.midi *.kar) and type in the name of the file.

But see also the discussion in this thread .


A missing feature, one of the very few things that I miss in Musescore, would be the possibility to adjust how the midifile rhythms are to be imported. I had to ask a windows friend to use his Finale to do this:

There is a slightly more elaborate panel than Musescore's quantization setting ("choose the smallest value") which allows for example, to import music played ternary / with a jazz feel, and display it binary. (selecting "swing" in the Player window will play it correctly then). There are three different options that I don't remember, to adapt to different needs.

If not too difficult to implement, this would be a very very welcome addition to Musescore (2.0?), as importing Midifiles is sometimes not realistic at all because of the "too accurate" but unlegible display.

Developpers, should I suggest this feature elsewhere?

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