Conversion from musicxml lyrics spacing

• Apr 30, 2017 - 20:51

In all versions of musescore (up to and including 2.1.0) some musicxml files do not space the lyrics correctly (see attached screen shot). If one looks in the Inspector, the lyrics appear to set to be spaced and configured "normally", i.e. all the parameters seem to be the same as music entered from scratch. I have looked at the .mscx file created when this input file (also attached) is saved and I can see nothing that would cause the weird, increasing, spacing shown. Also, while I can obviously move the lyrics back to where they should be, that doesn't then move the staves back to where they should be.

This seems to happen, mainly, on musicxml that has been generated by Finale.

Any suggestions?


Your lyrics were entered into different verses, that's the problem. The MusicXML file specifically asks for the lyrics on the second staff to be entered into verse 1, for instance, via a number="2" attribute in the lyric tag. So MuseScore is simply honoring what the MusicXML file calls for. Are you saying it was not entered that way into Finale?

Unfortunately there is no straightforward way to fix this problem from within MuseScore, but you can do so easily via a global search and replace using a text editor on the MusicXML file - just replace all verse="2" with verse="1" (and ditto for 3, 4, 5, etc).

Marc has already explained the reason for the strange verse allocation - it is something on Finale's end. Could you upload more examples like this also including Finale source?

I have applied the fixes to the file using an script (AWK) on the uncompressed .mscx file and attached the result.

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