Creating parts issue with 0.9.4

• Jul 4, 2009 - 19:40

I am having problems creating parts in 0.9.4

Here is the Score attached.... getting near completed and I will want to start creating parts soon. (A5)

using Ubuntu Jaunty 64..

I had been able to create a full set from this score earlier in the process. some sort of bug seems to have appeared now as whenever I go to view the part (second instrument) muse score vanishes.

hope there is a quick fix :) .... when is 0.9.5 going to be stable ?


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I wiped out my config files and started again with a fresh 0.9.4

I can create parts... but when I go to view the part tab musescore is booted out of memory...
I have had this issue before with later 0.9.5 builds.

I forgot that the slurs also caused 0.9.4 to crash when you create parts. No doubt this is the culprit in this case. Again this is fixed in the latest prereleases

Excellent !

Thanks for the support .... I removed the slurs (bar 46+) and I can create and view parts once more.

:) happy again

whilst im here.... I am not able to save as midi... is that because it have too many instruments ?

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Save As is broken in Qt 4.5 so either you are using the latest version of Ubuntu (which comes with Qt 4.5) or you upgraded when you were trying a prerelease.

The latest prereleases work around this problem by using a non-native Save As dialog for Linux.

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