Welcome Screen if no Tab is opened

• Feb 2, 2013 - 23:18
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Right now, when no tab is opened, there is a huge empty space which could be used as a start screen to open edited files, create new ones and so on. Attached screenshot + mockup.

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Certainly similar :) tinmans mockup is more well-arranged and there is much more overview.
I wonder if anyone has been thinking of implementing something like this. My Qt skills are far from being able to even understand if this would be hard, but from a musicians point of view I know it would be useful. Many of my colleagues are great at editing sheet music but fail at opening their work from the menu :)

We have been thinking to develop this. It just didn't happen yet. Your mockup has put our focus back on it. Thank you for that.

That is very nice! I am really looking forward to see the fruits of your work :) I saw Musescore improving over the years and now I am using it constantly, thanks for your great work!

Revisiting this post because the issue was on my mind again.
The current nightlybuilds dont show any news, is there some work going on? I would love to help!