Videoscore and repeats

• Feb 3, 2013 - 18:30

I'm trying to synchronize my score with a youtube video. How do I jump back to a previous page when there's a repeat mark? I can't click on a bar on a previous page to go there. Hitting the space bar just advances to the next bar, completely ignoring the repeat marks.


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A way to navigate through pages has been added in the videoscore editing interface. It's now possible to synchronize a score with repeats. When you need to go back to a previous page, use the previous page button and click on the first measure of the repeat.

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Now it works! Here's my videoscore:

Österstjernan, a march for wind orchestra

It's an orchestral score, only 2 or 3 bars per page, so it was a nasty mouse exercise to click at the page buttons and the bars to get it synced. So when it came to the last bar of a repeat section, I found it convenient to click pause, then turn back some pages, then click resume. Same thing with 1a volta and 2a volta, if jumping over 1a volta means several pages.

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