Possible to Save Mixer Settings Across Scores?

• May 14, 2017 - 04:48

I've recently upgraded to 2.1, and I've loaded the SFZ version of Sonatina, which I'd like to use across all my scores, with the exception of a couple SF2 instruments that are not in Sonatina that I want to use. Sonatina is loaded in Zerberus, the two SF2s are loaded in Fluid, and I see everything in the Synthesizer when I open each score, but I'm not seeing an easy way to assign the soundfonts to each instrument in the Mixer. It appears as if I'll actually have to go into each one of my scores and individually assign every single instrument all over again. I find it surprising that there wouldn't be an automated work-around for this, so I assume I'm missing something. Any ideas? Thank you!


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Hello from the future!
Since there are probably more people than me googling and finding these old threads, I'll provide what I've found: You cannot import it as a style, but what you CAN do is to save your setup as a template and use that when creating a new score. So, importing a mixer setup into an existing score appears to still be impossible, but you can at least save it as a template for future compositions :)

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