Musescore on Microsoft Surface

• Feb 14, 2013 - 22:27

I recently upgraded my Windows 7 PC to a Microsoft Surface with Windows 8. I downloaded MuseScore for Windows 8, as I've used the service on my old PC. While I have the ability to input notes, dynamics, instruments, etc., there is no sound when I try to play back the composition. Help!!


OK first of all I have MuseScore running happily on Windows 8 on an Acer Iconia Tablet, so be assured that it is not Windows 8 that is the problem.

First thing to check is whether there is a Soundfont installed in MuseScore.

Go to Display>Synthesiser and see if there is one listed there - it should look like this:-


I have underlined the area where the soundfont is displayed in red.

If there is nothing there then read the following article in the handbook about installing a SoundFont:-

If that's not it come back here.

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