Compressing XML to mxl

• Feb 16, 2013 - 15:33

I would like to send about 20 scores to a friend. I already know how to do this using PDF files and then zipping them so only one folder needs to be attached to an e-mail. This works well for viewing purposes only. I want my friend to be able to use his MuseScore to open, save and edit (without using MuseScore Connect). Is there a way to compress multiple scores (XML) into one folder (mxl) so I don't have to attach 20 files to the e-mail?


Why not use WinZIP or 7zip or something like this, same way you use for DF files?
In MuseScore you can't convert multiple xml files into one mxl file.

BTW: if you need to convert multiple xml files into (multiple) mxl files, or any MuseSore input files into any MuseScore output files, you may want to give the batch export plugin a try

If you want your friend to use the scores with MuseScore and not another software, it's better if you save the score as MSCZ the default MuseScore format. Then just zip the 20 files like you would do for PDF files. You don't need MXL at all.
See File format for more information about the different formats supported by MuseScore.

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