Problem entering second voice

• Feb 18, 2013 - 17:40


I'm running MuseScore 1.2 (recently upgraded from 1.1) on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8). I have read the documentation on Voices and have used them successfully in the past. I am using the "Jazz Lead Sheet" template (but this problem exists independent of the template used).

Short description: I can't seem to get MuseScore to allow me to select a second voice for note entry.

I have a bar with note data in voice 1. I want to enter note data in voice 3 (as in Marc's advanced lead sheet tutorial) for rhythmic cues.

I select the first note in the bar, press N, then click on (3) in the voice palette. The number (3) is highlighted and darkened (presumably indicating that it's been selected), but the cursor does not turn yellow (stays blue). Once I attempt to select a note value, (3) becomes deselected in the palette. If I attempt to enter note data (even if I reselect voice 3), it overwrites the voice 1 content.

It is possible for me to swap voices (Voice 1->Voice 2), but then all note entry is restricted to Voice 2.

If I open a file which has 2 voices, select a note in voice 1, and go into note entry mode, it will not allow me to switch to another voice to enter data.

Hope you can help. I prepared the other document on another machine running this version and same OS and had no problem.


It sounds to me as if you are in the wrong mode when you select the voice. Make sure that the cursor changes to a "note" before you select the voice.

Invert the steps
1 selects the voice;
2 select "N".
The cursor changes to yellow (or green or red)?
Maybe it's silly but "tentar non nuoce"

Downloaded Version 1.1 to see if problem occurs there, and it does not. I am able to successfully open the Untitled sample document and enter voices other than Voice 1.

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