Changing Key signatures

• Feb 22, 2013 - 17:30

I want to change my key signature, so it's compatible with a bass clef. How?


Not totally clear what you're asking, but my guess is, the display of the key signatures in the palette is fooling you into thinking MuseScore will only display key signatures as the appear in treble clef. That isn't the case. Just drag the appropriate key signature onto a staff and it automatically displays correctly for that clef.

No, when i try to add the Bass Clef signature to my songs, it doesn't work. You know how the signature is B,E,A, etc? It only has the Treble Clef order for the signature.

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And if you continue to have trouble, please post the score you are having trouble with and describe exactly, step by step, what you are trying to do. But it really does work. As I said, the key signature dialog show key signatures as they might appear in reeble clef. But they really do automatically show correctly for the clef you are using.

It occurs to me that perhaps you don't have a real bass clef. Note there are several different clefs that *look* like bass clef but as positioned differently, and you ight have inadvertently used one of these. Again, posting the score you are having trouble with and the steps you are following would allow us to see what is going wrong. But hopefully this advice will help you figure it out for yourself.

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