Improved playback for musescore?

• Feb 26, 2013 - 08:38

Musescore is the most awesome notation program I have ever used. The cost, flexibility, design and sheer functionality of musescore makes it really easy to use. However, despite having all the notation ornaments one could ever need, most of them cannot be recognized by the musescore playback system... Because of this, tremolos, fluttertongues and drum rolls are such a bore. One would need to manually put all the 64 hemidemisemiquavers in order for the playback to be heard as a drum roll. Also, musescore would really need the crescendos and diminuendos to play back properly on one note; that is, to be able to hear a wind instrument sustaining a note and increase/decrease its volume without entering any other note. So it's volume control on one sustained note.

Currently, putting many notes of same pitch with increasing/decreasing volume while slurring them is the only way to get pass this. Of course, it doesn't look very good when printed out and also, the invisibility option would require one to enter both the printed note with the ornament and the heard playback notes made invisible... not very convenient.

Perhaps what could be done is that the playback's volume of each note can be manipulated automatically and manually at certain ticks and that each note should have added 'note properties' such as the ability to change its velocity while being played. Also, when crescendo/diminuendo/fortepiano is being placed musescore should automatically adjust the notes' specified velocity at a certain point of time so that the effect of change of dynamics on the same note would be audible. Midi is capable of doing that, although I don't know how hard would it really be to program it that way...

I think that this would be a really good improvement for musescore as a great notation editor, and I would probably suggest the following step to take is to have a single note to be detuned while playing, such heard in guitar slides/pitch bends where a single note can change its pitch slightly while it is being played in the meantime.


I think tremolos, fluttertongues and drum rolls should be taken care of by the time musescore 2.0 comes in. You should try to search some past threads, I'm sure someone else raised this topic.
As to the volume of each note:
I was told that musescore is a notation program and so anything connected to playback comes *after* notation.

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Yes, but at least the ornament and playback capability should be updated at the same time, but anyways, yes. I do think that musescore 2.0 might be going to have bra completely rewritten playback. At the current possible note properties, it does not seem that it would be possible eight the current system of properties and plugin development

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Yes. I downloaded the plugin, however, I meant a single continuous blower note that changes in volume. Not many notes of whatsoever same or different pitches that ate different in velocity, but the note itself morphing its volume while playing continuously. I have tried the crescendo/diminuendo plugin but it does not give that effect.

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Unfortunately MuseScore simply uses Velocity for dynamic control at present.

Neither the volume or expression controller data can be sent to the synth from the score at present (which is what you need for this kind of dynamic), although Fluid will recognise and act on them.

It may be possible in MuseScore 2, as there is a means of sending MIDI data via stave text. I'm not sure how far this has been implemented though.

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