First time user... Can't write thru MIDI properly

• Feb 28, 2013 - 05:12

Hello all. Before i begin, let me say i tried on my own numerous times and sifted thru 15 pages of previous posts before posting and also read the handbook repeatedly. Now, i am trying to write a score for 3 instruments, piano, sax and clarinet. I am using a MIDI connection and that works all right (took me a while to figure out that the out goes to in and in goes to out, but i did). I enter the value of notes(1/4 notes) and play, my problem is that not all notes are of the same value but because i selected the 1/4 note value, all notes are written as such... When they should be 1/4 1/8 1/8 1/4 1/8 1/8 for a total of 4 in a 4/4 measure. It is my understanding that because i am using MIDI the program should be able to detect the difference, but it seems i ammistaken... How do i set up the program so it does or what am i supposed to do? Sorry... First time user... Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I am using the latest version on Windoze 7.


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The way MS is set up, you need to select the new duration(s) before playing them. MS does not understand duration, only note on info. Note off is supplied by the duration.

To be clearer, say you want to write a quarter note followed by 2 eighth notes followed by a quarter. Go into note entry mode, select the quarter note duration and play the pitch, select the eighth duration and play the 2 pitches, select the quarter note duration, play the pitch, etc.

I don't use a MIDI kbrd. to write so I may not be exactly accurate, but that is my understanding. There are numerous good souls in these forums who will, gently, humourously and patiently correct me where I am wrong. :)

They've done it so many times before.

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Frankly, I find MIDI input to be rather less efficient slower than input directly via the computer keyboard, because of the need to coninually shift focus between the MIDI device and the computer to select durations (although I gather 2.0 will have a way of selecting durations from the MIDI device). But it's still going to be difficult to improve on the computer keyboard A quarter note C followed by eighth notes for the rest of a C major scale is 5C4DEFGAB. It's really not slow at all, often faster than playng the passage in rhythm (no need to actually wait for the full duration of whole notes and half notes; just keep typing).

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I am begining to see that... At this point i can't use the keyboard becAuse i don't know the shortcuts, but i can see that uing a MIDI device is actually quite slow too because you need to make ure you play every chord and note by itself, otherwise MS thinks that iF there are two overlapping sounds(as when you hold a note or use the sustain pedal) you are actually playing a chord... You have to play VERY choppy. Lol...aaah the joys of the "learning curve"!

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