Edit text style does not apply

• Feb 28, 2013 - 11:09

I am running V 1.3 (rev 5702) on Windows 7 64-bit (fully updated).

The global text style editor Style>Edit Text Style...>Font does not apply either on Apply or OK.

The generic Load style>MuseJazz.mss option updates the font in Edit text style but does not apply the change to the score.

I can change a font by Right Click>Text Properties>Font for each individual text object but it will not 'apply to all elements of same type' when selected.

Is this only available ion Pro or is this a bug? Thanks, Gordon


There is no pro version of MuseScore. There is only one version, the one you have. MuseScore is not only free as in Free Beer but it's also free as in Free speech. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gratis_versus_libre

The text style bug is well known and will be fixed in the next major version, MuseScore 2.0. As a workaround, for some text style, you can change them, File -> Save and File -> reload to see the effect.

As nited, changes to text style normally won't affect existing elements in 1.X, but will in 2.0 (it will be possible to break that association so some items can be "fixed" and made immune to text style changes if desired).

A few items in 1.X *do* update when you chane the text style, or at least after a score reload as lasconic says. Chord symbols do this, and I believe lyrics too. Seems that some other text styles may also update if you also then change the scaling factor in Layout / page Settings, although I was suprisied when I noticed that recently and wondered if I wasn't imagining it.

But the "apply to all similar elements" in the text properties box *does* normally work, except for a couple of element types where it doesn"t (dynamics, I think, also no way to do all votlas at once that i know of). What specifically were you trying to change? Can you post a sample scorw and the steps you were following?

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