Adjust BPM...can't get it above 100bpm

• Mar 10, 2013 - 22:47

I cannot figure out how to adjust the BPM to greater than 100 or 120. Can anyone help me? I've tried 4/$, C and cut time and none of them will allow me to adjust it on the "Play Panel" to above 100-120. And honestly, I can't figure out how it was adjusted between these two. The "Play Panel" for me doesn't allow me to adjust these.

I'm running version 1.1

Thanks in advance!


The play panel is not how you change the overall tempo of a piece - it is more for temporary overrides to whatever you have actually set the tempo(s) to be (a piece can, of course, possibly change tempo midstream). The actual tempo is set using a Tempo text. Create one of those and it will play back at the specified tempo. The play panel then allows you to temporarily override that tempo and playback faster or slower - which is why it gives units in percentages as well as in aftual BPM.

BYW, 1.1 is pretty old, and many bugs have been fixed since then. You should consider updating to 1.3.

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