Musescore crash

• Mar 15, 2013 - 23:18

My computer shut off unexpectedly while I was working on a score. I opened the program and it asks if I would like to restore the session. If I click no, it works just fine but if I click yes or try to open the file I was working on, the program shuts off. The back up file works but it is missing about 2 hours worth of work. Is there anyway to get the score I was working on back?


MuseScore does save a backup copy more often, and that's what it tried to open for you. Could be that it was in the middle of writing that when the computer shut off, and so the file is corrupt, and that's why it crashes when trying to open it. You don't say what OS you are on, but on Windows, the backups are in your AppData\Local\MusE\MuseScore folder, so you could hunt around there to see if anything looks promising (date modified would be your best clue).

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