Soundfont suggestion

• Jul 17, 2009 - 00:43

Would it be possible to save the prefered soundfont when saving the score overriding the system preferences?
Example: You create a score for which you make or find the unique soundfont and you want to load that score always with this particular soundfont instead of changing it manualy in preferences each time. Does it make sense?

And btw. - thanks for all the effort, especially now with the mac release! Great piece of software already.


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Yes, I know... But on the other hand, in such case it would not have to do any harm - actually, the Musescore would do nothing more or less than it is doing now in case it would not find the proper soundfont.
I can imagine, there could be an information about recomended soundfont saved in the score and when the score is opened on another computer, the program would look in the default path for soundfonts for that particular one. And in case it would not find it, it simply would not change anything (or perhaps jsut let the user know...)

I know, this is something not utterly necessary but I guess such a feature would be quite benefitiary for someone who wants to use special or custom sounds in the scores to make them sound as good as possible in Musescore.

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