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• Mar 17, 2013 - 02:38

I have uploaded a videoscore "A stroll Along the Shore" and I cannot get the synchronisation right. It is usually me being thick or not finding it in the handbook or the forums. The search function doesn't seem to help me.
When I try Katy wardrobes method of clicking the spacebar on every bar ever synchronisation is fine but when it comes to the 1st repeat of a volta the display freezes on the 2nd ending and I have to wait for it to come round again. So I tried getting it to take the marks from the score, which it does quite efficiently, But always 1 bar ahead in the score. Neither seems satisfactory to me. What is the obvious trick I am missing?
Musescore 1.3 Win XP SP3,
Score is "A Stroll Along the Shore"
Video is


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yes, I did try the space bar and everything I could think of , no luck. The score is of course uploaded already, but I will attach it here if that will help. Thank you for looking at this and sorry about the singing, I couldn't sing at all 3 years ago, so to me it's a big success.

Editing my last comment seemed to go wrong. The score has a 1 beat pick-up measure which seems to be marked before I have told it to start. In Katy's video the edit software seems to be a different version to the one I used with slightly different text in the edit controls. Could these be clues, Sherlock?

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Unfortunatly you are hitting a lack in the software. First, "taking the marks from the score" cannot work since the audio in the video doesn't start right from the start. That's why you see a shift of approximately one measure. Then, to make the volta works, you would need to go to the previous page, and click on the first measure of the repeat but the videoscore editor doesn't let you do that. It's a bug. I will try to fix it in the coming days. I'll report here.

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Very fast, I thought from the forum, you all looked very busy yesterday. It seems to me that nearly all videos will not have the music start straight away, so that the automatic marking can never get used. Maybe you could mark the start and stop the playback, and mark automatically from that point. Marking manually is rather fiddly especially with the repeat of the long section 3 times. However I will give it a try and let you know if it's ok. Thanks very much.

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yes, it works but it took me an hour of fiddling and the ending seems to go wrong. The second volta seems to work all right on its own but the first one doesn't. Maybe I am being stupid but I feel most people would be inclined to give up if they had these sort of problems. Ask Katie to update her how to video and give more help in the help button. Also I think a navigator panel for needs a bit of thinking about, I noticed churchorganist thought bug reporting needed a path too.
Navigation links to com from org could be more user friendly, too. Still thanks for your help on this problem.

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