Links on English Soundfont Handbook Page Point to German

• May 22, 2017 - 22:56

I am not sure how to fix this...

It appears that the links on this page:

...that point to other Handbook pages point to the German versions ("/de/..."). I looked at the page HTML but since I am not familiar with it I didn't see anything obvious.

I can see the link to the /de/... page when I hover my mouse pointer over the link. Is this a problem with my browser (MacOS, Safari)?


I fixed 2 links that pointed to the German. For some reason [node:36111] was pointing to German pages in stead of the English page. Both the German and English pages claim to be node 36111. Just out of curiosity I checked out the French and the File Formats page (node 36111 in En and De) is a different node (64116)

@mjzwick thank you for reporting this. The problem is caused by a bad caching system which goes that deep that it's unrepairable. But in a couple of weeks we will launch a complete new (updated) site which should eliminated this issue. For now the workaround is to purge the caches of the site.

@mike320 please don't change the links using the node:xxx formatting. All links pointing to the handbook should follow this scheme. I reverted your change on the soundfont page.

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