Excess space between Treble and Bass Clef

• Mar 17, 2013 - 15:08

Is there a way to get rid of excessive space between treble and bass clefs?


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On my system (xubuntu 12.04, AMD processor) I set the following values to 10 for most piano scores, 12 when there are lots of ledger lines or other clutter, 8 or less only when I need to cram more in:

MS 1.2 - Style -> Edit General Style -> Page -> Grand Stave Distance
MS 2.0 - Style -> General -> Page -> Grand Staff Distance

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My (slight) mistake - I meant "Great Stave distance" for 1.2, "Grand staff distance" for 2.0. Guess I transliterated from my experience of using the program rather than looking up the (incorrect as it turns out) manual. On inspecting the image on the manual page I see that it's from version 1.1. No Accolade(s).

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US and UK are devided by a common language ;-)

staff vs stave
quarter vs. crotchet

The manual is not incorrect (in this respect), it is just not translated into Britisch English (and that isn't even possible).
The picture on the manual page may be from version 1.1, but 1.3 looks the same, when setting language to en_US, which seems to use the untranslated string from the source.
Ah, I see, the original untranslated string is "Akkolade distance". I guess German accent of one of the developers shines through here ;-)

As per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staff_(music) it is "Great Stave" in BE and "Grand Staff" in AE. As far as I knoe in the source the convention is to use AE and 2.0 is not yet translated. (it takes parts from the 1.x translations though, I believe)

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Vowel pronunciations aside, the OP, being from Australia, likely uses GB English as opposed to US English. Still, why use Accolade in US English? I thought that the UK tended to use Stave and the US Staff (although not always) and that Accolade, Akkolade, Accolatura were terms more commonly used in French, German, Italian, Spanish etc.?

I think it is confusing to refer to a distance between staves/staffs in English as the Accolade distance because the accolade is usually taken to mean the bracket itself (the curly line that "hugs" the ends of staves).

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Because it's been translated that way. Possibly wrongly, and probably because it started from a wrong base string, 'Akkolade distance'. Could get corrected on the translation server (and I did that just now), but that won't have any effect on 1.x version of MuseScore (unless you download the .qm file from the translation server and replace the installed one with it) and in 2.0 translation hasn't yet started, and 're-using' 1.x translations won't help nor be needed in this case, as the base string in the source has apparently been changed to 'Grand Staff'.

In German "Akkolade" can mean both, the bracket and the staves it joins, so "Grand Staff" translates into German as "Akkoladen-Abstand".

you can right click on the bass clef, click "Staff Properties", where it says "extra distance above staff", put in a negative value such as -2.50 spaces or just click the down arrow to reduce the space in between those two measures.

(make sure you right click the bass clef, not the treble clef when you do that though) : )

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