The notes are coming out of the paper

• Mar 18, 2013 - 05:25

The problem is in the end of this score.

Please someone tell me how to prove this.
I'm composing for my pianist, but it is not able to do fundamental things with these problems.
Waiting for someone's help.

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La Viole de gamba.mscz 8.48 KB


There are just simply too many notes to fit the whole measure on the page. What I did is change the nominal beats to 3 and move the notes that were running off the page into the next measure changing its nominal beats to 1 and marking it irregular. Then I made the bar line invisible. Hope that helps.

Edit: It seems I also messed up your measure numbers... oops! right click the measure, select "measure properties" and where is says "add to measure number" move that down to zero. That should fix it.

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La Viole de gamba.mscz 8.55 KB

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