Program crashes when importing a midi file

• Mar 20, 2013 - 04:09

On some ( not all ) midi files , when I open a saved midi file ( confirmed that it does play in windows media ) I get to, the "shortest note " on the Import screen, press ok , and I get " mscore.exe has stopped working A problem caused the program from working properly , Windows will close the program "
This is consistent on version 1.2 and 1.3.
I am running on windows 7
I have found that Midi files loaded from the same web site differ , some work and some do not . but all have identical security and read write properties
I can set the note duration to any value on the files that fail to open, and they always crashes
I started way back with 1.1 , and do not remember ever having this problem
Here are 2 links . and I have attached the files I am trying to open
one that works ,
one that does not

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The good news is that the files don't crash the current development version of MuseScore. The bad news is that these files are "swung", contains drums, so there is a lot of work to make something usable out of it...
Find MusicXML files created with the current development version, you should be able to open them in MuseScore 1.3.

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